Thousands of people have overpaid Stamp Duty on purchases since changes in legislation in 2016. Millions of pounds in overpaid stamp duty has been refunded to thousands of homeowners. You may be owed money. Let us check and help you get the tax back.

Did you know?

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has refunded £127m of stamp duty to second-homeowners since the surcharge was introduced: 6,800 additional property refunds totalling £80m were paid in 2016/17 with a further £47m repaid in Q2 2017. In total, HMRC had to give refunds on 10,700 transactions at an average cost of £11,869 each.

In one case handled by our team, a young woman buying a flat, named her father as a guarantor and borrower on the mortgage. She was incorrectly told that as her father already owned a separate property, he was liable for the 3% surcharge. This meant being incorrectly charged £14,000 for stamp duty, when the correct bill was £5,000, a £9,000 difference.

How to check and reclaim overpaid stamp duty

HMRC states buyers have 12 months from the filing date to amend any returns, including if a change means you’ve paid too much tax.

After 12 months, mistakes can’t usually be corrected but the deadline for claiming back overpaid tax is four years from the effective date of the transaction. This means it’s possible to claim back overpaid SDLT from as far back as December 2013.

The first thing to do is to find out how much SDLT you paid – you can contact your solicitor to find out the amount if you don’t know it already..
You’ll need to include a copy of the original SDLT return with your claim along with the following:

  • An explanation of why you think you overpaid
  • State which parts of the SDLT are wrong
  • Give revised figures and confirm the amount of refund due
  • Confirm who should be repaid (you’ll need to give permission for the money to be paid to someone else)

NO WIN NO FEE retrospective stamp duty land tax (SDLT) refund claims

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